Decorative Panel, Woman No. 2 (1910) by Alberto Magnelli

Decorative Panel, Woman No. 2 - Alberto Magnelli - 1910

Artwork Information

TitleDecorative Panel, Woman No. 2
ArtistAlberto Magnelli
Art MovementArt Nouveau (Modern)

About Decorative Panel, Woman No. 2

The artwork entitled “Decorative Panel, Woman No. 2” was crafted by the artist Alberto Magnelli in the year 1910. This piece is a representative work of the Art Nouveau movement, known for its modern approach during its time. The genre of this particular piece is classified as a portrait, though it is clear from its stylization that it transcends the traditional boundaries of portraiture.

Analyzing the artwork, one is immediately drawn to the dominance of a large, ornate yellow shawl or cloak that envelops the female figure. The woman at the center of the portrait stands with a kind of poised elegance, her slim form accentuated by the constriction of a dark dress. Her pale face is marked by sharp, refined features, and her striking white hair suggests a sophisticated presence. The background is segmented in a way that might represent a stylizing of the natural or an abstract composition.

The use of contrasting colors, bold patterns, and the flatness of the shapes is typical of Art Nouveau. There is an obvious blend of natural forms with geometric decoration, particularly evident in the patterns on the fabric of the cloak and the background design. This integration of organic and decorative elements is reflective of the broader goals of the Art Nouveau movement, aiming to harmonize art with the natural forms and structures found in the environment while infusing it with a modern flare.

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