Deep in Costa Rica (2022) by Ivana Olbricht

Deep in Costa Rica - Ivana Olbricht - 2022

Artwork Information

TitleDeep in Costa Rica
ArtistIvana Olbricht
MediumAcrylic on Canvas

About Deep in Costa Rica

The artwork entitled “Deep in Costa Rica” was created by Ivana Olbricht in the year 2022. This piece is an acrylic painting on canvas, with dimensions of 47.2 by 35.4 inches. It is categorized within the genre of abstract art and is representative of the abstract art movement.

The artwork presents a vibrant amalgamation of color and texture, with a dominant palette of intense greens intermingled with specks and swathes of bright red, as if capturing the lush verdancy and the occasional burst of exotic flora one might find in a Costa Rican landscape. The thick application of paint creates a tactile surface that invites viewers to appreciate the multi-dimensional qualities of the work. The abstract nature of the painting does not represent a specific scene but rather evokes the sense of immersion in a tropical setting, where the juxtaposition of colors and the interaction of forms offer an interpretation that engages the imagination. The absence of defined figures or landscapes allows for personal interpretation, where each observer may perceive unique patterns or emotive responses elicited by this energetic and organic composition.

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