Deer In The Woods Ii (1912) by Franz Marc

Deer In The Woods Ii - Franz Marc - 1912

Artwork Information

TitleDeer In The Woods Ii
ArtistFranz Marc
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions110.5 x 80.5 cm
Current LocationStadtische Galerie Im Lenbachhaus, Munich

About Deer In The Woods Ii

Deer In The Woods II, painted by Franz Marc in 1912, is a masterpiece of German Expressionism. As a founding member of Der Blaue Reiter movement, Marc was renowned for his animal-themed artworks and use of vibrant colors. In this painting, a prominent yellow cow dominates the foreground with blue hills forming the backdrop. This unique composition is an attempt to represent the world as seen through a deer’s eyes; hence it features intentional distortions of form and intensification of coloration.

One notable aspect of Deer In The Woods II is its fusion of contrasts. The painting balances vision from both real life and symbolism to create a captivating image that draws in viewers from all backgrounds. Beyond its aesthetic value, Deer In The Woods II has significant artistic relevance. It represents the culmination of an artistic career centered around animal paintings, and also features sophisticated techniques like oil on canvas.

Today, this iconic artwork can be enjoyed as a hand-painted reproduction on fade-resistant archival ink canvas that ensures long-lasting vibrant colors. Visitors can view the original artwork at Munich’s Lenbachhaus Museum in Germany.

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