Degas in a Green Jacket (1855 – 1856) by Edgar Degas

Degas in a Green Jacket - Edgar Degas - 1855 - 1856

Artwork Information

TitleDegas in a Green Jacket
ArtistEdgar Degas
Date1855 - 1856
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Degas in a Green Jacket

The artwork “Degas in a Green Jacket” is an evocative example of Edgar Degas’s early work. Created between 1855 and 1856, this self-portrait is rendered in oil on canvas, showcasing the artist’s keen sense for detail and his involvement with the Impressionist movement. Although Degas is often associated with Impressionism, this particular piece precedes the full development of that style. The artwork resides in a private collection and serves as an intimate glimpse into the artist’s self-perception at a relatively young age.

The portrayal in the artwork is somber and introspective, with a strong sense of presence. Degas appears in a green jacket, which is rendered with rich, dark tones that contrast against the muted background. His face is detailed with particular attention to the eyes, which stare directly out at the viewer, creating an engaging focal point. The features are delicately painted, capturing a sense of the artist’s character and moody contemplation. The choice of colors and the manner in which they blend into the background reflect an early exploration of the principles that would come to characterize Impressionist works, wherein mood and atmosphere are as important as the subjects themselves.

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