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TitleDelphi, Marmaria, Sanctuary Of Athena
ArtistGreek Art

About Delphi, Marmaria, Sanctuary Of Athena

The archaeological site of Delphi is home to two sanctuaries, dedicated to Apollo and Athena. The Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia, also known as the Marmaria, is located southeast of the Temple of Apollo and was the first sight for visitors approaching from the east. At the Marmaria lies a small sacred terrace that was at the center of worship in Delphi.

The Tholos found in Delphi was built sometime between 390-380 BC and has been partially reconstructed since then. This unique building had an ornate design that rivaled even that of the Parthenon. Though its original purpose is unknown, historians agree it had significant cultural significance at that time. Another tholos found in Marmaria was built by Theodoros of Phokaia and is regarded as one of its kind at that time due to its peripteral style design.

Because Delphi was such an important religious sanctuary dedicated to Apollo, it influenced art throughout ancient Greece, with imitations seen all over Europe and parts beyond Asia Minor. Its influence extended far-reaching regions like Bactria after Alexander’s conquests on his march Eastward. Today its utter magnificence lies not only in what remains but also just how much ripple effect it has created for art historians surpassing centuries upon centuries until present-day interpretation continues today.

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