Deluge II (1975) by Philip Guston

Deluge II - Philip Guston - 1975

Artwork Information

TitleDeluge II
ArtistPhilip Guston
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions201.3 x 281.9 cm
Art MovementNeo-Expressionism

About Deluge II

The artwork titled “Deluge II”, created by the artist Philip Guston in 1975, is an oil on canvas embodying the Neo-Expressionism movement. The piece is a notable example of figurative art and measures 201.3 by 281.9 centimeters. It belongs to the “Cyclops” series, which is reflective of Guston’s unique style and thematic focus during this period of his career.

The artwork presents an array of enigmatic forms and shapes that appear to be floating or merging in a chaotic, yet structured space. The color palette is dominated by shades of red, which imbue the composition with a sense of urgency and intensity. There are objects that resemble body parts, everyday items, and ambiguous shapes, all rendered with thick, expressive brushstrokes that emphasize the materiality of the paint and the physical act of painting. The forms are interconnected in ways that defy clear interpretation, inviting viewers to navigate a landscape of the subconscious, littered with personal symbols and open-ended narratives.

Philip Guston’s “Deluge II” is an evocative example of his later work, marked by a turn towards more figurative and personal motifs, in contrast with his earlier abstract expressionist pieces.

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