Der Zeitreisende (2021) by Corinna Mayer

Der Zeitreisende - Corinna Mayer - 2021

Artwork Information

TitleDer Zeitreisende
ArtistCorinna Mayer
MediumOil on Canvas

About Der Zeitreisende

Corinna Mayer’s “Der Zeitreisende,” created in 2021, is an oil on canvas artwork, measuring 27.6 by 23.6 inches. It belongs to the genre of fashion within the fine art movement, showcasing Mayer’s artistic expression through the use of traditional painting techniques.

The artwork features a central figure dressed in a vibrant red garment with a ruffled pink collar and a matching red beret. This figure exudes an air of contemplative elegance and exerts a thoughtful presence. Their right hand is gently resting on their chest, while their expression is serene, with a sense of depth conveyed through their eyes. The background is a flat, intense pink that contrasts sharply with the detailed realism of the figure. Surrounding the figure, there are snippets of text in German script, which cascade around and behind the subject, creating a narrative element that invites viewers to ponder the relationship between the text and the figure depicted. The style of the portrait harks back to classical portraiture, yet hints of a modern sensibility filter through, suggesting a fusion of time periods, perhaps alluded to by the title of the piece.

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