Detail from the Gates of Paradise (East Door) (1425-52) by Lorenzo Ghiberti

Detail from the Gates of Paradise (East Door) - Lorenzo Ghiberti - 1425-52

Artwork Information

TitleDetail from the Gates of Paradise (East Door)
ArtistLorenzo Ghiberti
MediumBronze with gilding
Dimensions80 x 80 cm
Current LocationBaptistery, Florence
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About Detail from the Gates of Paradise (East Door)

The Gates of Paradise refer to the east doors of the Baptistery in Florence Cathedral. Created by Lorenzo Ghiberti in the Quattrocento period, they are considered one of the greatest masterpieces of Italian art. Each of the main scenes on the doors is square in shape and depicts various scenes and figures from the Old Testament.

Ghiberti established an important workshop for sculpture in metal and trained as a goldsmith and sculptor. His craftsmanship is evident in the twenty-four heads and twenty-four statuettes of Biblical heroes, heroines, prophets, and sibyls that adorn the doors. These figures are enclosed within a lush frieze of the flora and fauna of Tuscany.

Ghiberti’s doors were instantly recognized as a masterpiece by Michelangelo, who dubbed them “Truly worthy to be the Gates of Paradise.” The intricate details and realism in the figurines are awe-inspiring, and the overall design of the doors is considered a triumph of humanist ideals. The Gates of Paradise remains a testament to the artistic and cultural achievements of the Renaissance period, representing the complexities of the human experience through biblical stories and iconography.

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