DETAIL OF St. Augustine (1480) by Sandro Botticelli

DETAIL OF St. Augustine - Sandro Botticelli - c.1480

Artwork Information

TitleDETAIL OF St. Augustine
ArtistSandro Botticelli
Dimensions152 x 112 cm
Art MovementEarly Renaissance
Current LocationOgnissanti, Florence
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About DETAIL OF St. Augustine

Sandro Botticelli, a renowned artist of the Renaissance era, painted St. Augustine multiple times, and one of his famous fresco paintings of the Saint was created in 1480. The painting features Augustine in deep meditation in his studio while he works on his writings. Botticelli’s unique style was a blend of medieval Gothic and humanist realism, incorporating knowledge of anatomy and perspective into his decorative works.

The painting was commissioned by the influential Medici family and can now be found in the Church of Ognissanti in Florence. Botticelli’s skills are evident in the intricate details he added to the painting, such as the folds of Augustine’s robe and the delicate features of his face. Botticelli’s rendition captures Augustine’s intellectual and spiritual essence, evident in his posture and focused expression.

Botticelli’s other notable works include La Primavera, which depicts Venus and other mythological figures, and Fortitude, portraying the Virtue as a young woman in armor. Botticelli was a master artist of his time, and his St. Augustine painting remains an emblematic example of his unique style and talent.

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