Dictatorship by Achraf Baznani

Dictatorship - Achraf Baznani -

Artwork Information

ArtistAchraf Baznani
Dimensions30 x 30 cm
Art MovementSurrealism

About Dictatorship

The artwork titled “Dictatorship” by artist Achraf Baznani is a photomontage of photographic origin, measuring 30 x 30 cm and belonging to the surrealist movement. This piece is part of the “Inside my Dreams” series and falls under the genre of photography. The medium and techniques employed give it a dreamlike and thought-provoking quality that is characteristic of Surrealism.

In “Dictatorship”, the composition features a pronounced contrast in scale between the main elements. The focus is on a small figure standing between two enormous, out-of-focus legs which frame the scene. The figure, appearing diminutive in size, holds a gun, seemingly unproportionate to its stature, which is directed upwards, suggesting a potent symbolic gesture of defiance, powerlessness, or revolution. The artwork conveys a palpable tension between the imposing presence of the legs and the small yet determined stance of the figure. The surreal scaling in the artwork elicits a reflection on themes of power, authoritarianism, and individual agency, inviting viewers to interpret the dynamics at play within this dreamlike scenario.

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