Die Valley Farm (1835) by John Constable

Die Valley Farm - John Constable - 1835

Artwork Information

TitleDie Valley Farm
ArtistJohn Constable
Dimensions147 x 125 cm
Art MovementRomanticism

About Die Valley Farm

The artwork titled “Die Valley Farm,” created by the renowned artist John Constable in 1835, is an exemplary piece of the Romanticism art movement. This oil on canvas landscape measures 147 by 125 centimeters and is reflective of Constable’s focus on natural scenery and his devotion to depicting the serene English countryside.

The artwork depicts a rustic farm scene with a prominence of lush, verdant elements. Dominating the canvas is a large, leafy tree to the right, under which a white farmhouse with red roofing nestles comfortably, partly obscured by foliage. A body of water calmly flows at the forefront, reflecting the serenity of the pastoral setting. A boat with two figures, one of whom is in the action of pushing the boat with a pole, floats on the gentle stream. Alongside the bank, a cow stands in the shallow water, contributing to the bucolic charm and everyday rural life depicted in the scene.

Overhead, the sky is a dramatic display of voluminous clouds, which plays a significant role in Constable’s work, showcasing his fascination with and skill in rendering skies. The interplay of light and shadow is meticulous, with the ever-changing nature of the English sky imparting a dynamic quality to the seemingly tranquil landscape. This naturalistic portrayal of the countryside is quintessential of the Romanticism movement, which emphasized emotion and a glorification of nature.

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