Dog Lying in the Snow (1911) by Franz Marc

Dog Lying in the Snow - Franz Marc - c.1911

Artwork Information

TitleDog Lying in the Snow
ArtistFranz Marc
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions62.5 x 105 cm
Art MovementExpressionism
Current LocationStädel, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

About Dog Lying in the Snow

The artwork “Dog Lying in the Snow” by Franz Marc is an oil on canvas painting created circa 1911, embodying the Expressionist movement. The piece measures 62.5 x 105 cm and falls under the genre of animal painting. It is housed in the Städel Museum, located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Its tranquil scene depicts a harmonious marriage of nature and animal, capturing an essence of serenity.

This Expressionist artwork features a dog lying curled up in the snow, with loose and flowing brush strokes that evoke the dog’s calm repose and the soft enveloping snow. The color palette suggests a subdued sense of life amid the wintry landscape, with the dog’s yellow and beige tones standing out against the white expanse. The use of stark contrast and simplified forms are characteristic of Marc’s style, which often sought to convey an inner spiritual essence of the subjects he painted rather than a realistic representation. The surrounding snow bears hints of purple and green, softly blending with the white to create a nuanced interplay of color and light that is evocative of the chill and quiet of a snowy setting. Overall, the artwork conveys a sense of peace and introspection, inviting viewers to connect with the natural world through the lens of Expressionism.

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