Dog Lying in the Snow (1911) by Franz Marc

Dog Lying in the Snow - Marc, Franz - 1911 - 2

Artwork Information

TitleDog Lying in the Snow
ArtistFranz Marc
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions62.5 x 105 cm
Art MovementExpressionism
Current LocationSt├Ądel, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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About Dog Lying in the Snow

Dog Lying In The Snow, by the German Expressionist Franz Marc, is a painting that captures his beloved Siberian Shepherd dog, Russi. The painting is circa 1911 and by this time Marc had developed an appreciation for the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky’s use of bright and saturated colors. Despite this, he found the wintery backdrop of Dog Lying In The Snow lacked in color, as it was “too pure white and blue.” Marc was born in Munich in 1880, during the flourishing period that made Munich into one of the most influential artsy cities in Europe.

This painting displays perfectly both Marc’s technical prowess combined with his personal emotional expression: we can see the careful brush strokes used to capture Russi’s anatomy yet at the same time how Marc used these colors to express his feeling towards nature and how imposing beauty can feel sometimes isolated. This love of nature can also be found throughout other works such as his 1911 work Blue Horse I (Blaues Pferd I). He takes inspiration from animals and blends attractive colors to represent their magnificence. By memorably capturing beauty – through subjects like horses, dogs and trees – Franz Mar truly inspired generations of German Expressionists and continues to influence them today.

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