Dona Narcisa Baranana de Goicoechea (c.1810) by Francisco Goya

Dona Narcisa Baranana de Goicoechea - Francisco Goya - c.1810

Artwork Information

TitleDona Narcisa Baranana de Goicoechea
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Dimensions112 x 78 cm
Art MovementRomanticism

About Dona Narcisa Baranana de Goicoechea

The artwork titled “Dona Narcisa Baranana de Goicoechea” is a distinguished painting by the illustrious artist Francisco Goya, dated approximately to the year 1810. It is executed in oil on canvas and stands as a representation of the Romanticism art movement. The dimensions of this portrait are 112 by 78 centimeters, showcasing Goya’s adept skill in rendering the human figure and his keen eye for capturing the nuances of individuality and social status within his portraiture.

In the artwork, the subject, Dona Narcisa Baranana de Goicoechea, is depicted seated against a muted background that contrasts with the rich textures and colors of her attire. Her visage reflects a serene composure, the soft lighting gently illuminating her features. Her dress is characterized by intricate lace and fine textiles, indicators of her social position, with a large, dark shawl draped around her shoulders. A prominent blue ribbon adorns her hair, providing a focal point of color against the dark tones of her hairpiece and shawl. A rose’s subtle blush complements her cheeks while also echoing in the flower pinned at her breast — a symbol perhaps of youth or beauty. The artwork captures a moment of quiet elegance, and the presence of a book in her hands introduces an element of intellectuality or leisure. Overall, the portrait exudes a graceful dignity, characteristic of Goya’s capacity to portray the character and refinement of his subjects.

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