Dona Teresa Sureda (c. 1805) by Francisco Goya

Dona Teresa Sureda - Francisco Goya - c. 1805

Artwork Information

TitleDona Teresa Sureda
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Datec. 1805
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions47 1/8 x 31 1/4 in. (119.8 x 79.4 cm)
Current LocationNational Gallery Of Art, Washington

About Dona Teresa Sureda

Francisco Goya’s Dona Teresa Sureda is an oil on canvas portrait that measures 119.7 x 79.4 cm and was created around 1805 in the Romanticism style. The painting depicts a noblewoman, believed to be Teresa Sureda, the wife of Bartolomé Sureda y Miserol, who commissioned the portrait from Goya.

As a court painter for the royals, Goya created several decorative scenes and portraits that reflected his tapestry designs. Similarly, Dona Teresa Sureda reflects his exceptional level of skill in realistic portraiture. The painting showcases intricate details such as her lace collar and veil, jewelry, and wavy hair that cascade over her shoulders.

Currently housed at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, Dona Teresa Sureda is a significant piece of art that represents an era where portraiture was often used to display wealth and status. It serves as a reminder of Francisco Goya’s exceptional dedication to realism and remains an important historical object for art enthusiasts worldwide.

In conclusion, Francisco Goya’s portrayal of Dona Teresa Sureda remains one of his most exquisite works of art. The attention to detail given by both artist and subject alike means it provides historians with valuable insight into its time period while still remaining visually stunning overall. It continues to inspire artists today despite being more than two centuries old due to its technical mastery – making it definitely worth checking out if visiting The National Gallery Of Art in Washington DC or any museum this piece may reside in future exhibitions around the world!

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