Dona Teresa Sureda (c.1805) by Francisco Goya

Dona Teresa Sureda - Francisco Goya - c.1805

Artwork Information

TitleDona Teresa Sureda
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Dimensions119.8 x 79.4 cm
Art MovementRomanticism

About Dona Teresa Sureda

The artwork “Dona Teresa Sureda” was created by the acclaimed Spanish painter Francisco Goya circa 1805. The medium employed for this piece is oil on canvas, exemplifying Goya’s skill within the Romanticism movement. With dimensions of 119.8 x 79.4 cm, the artwork falls into the genre of portraiture, capturing the visage and presence of an individual with the artist’s distinctive technique.

The portrait depicts Dona Teresa Sureda, seated in a three-quarter view against a dark, nondescript background that accentuates her figure. The subject is positioned confidently on an ornately upholstered armchair, which boasts golden-yellow fabric with hints of decorative flourish. Her attire is a dark blue dress with a high neckline, detailed with light-catching textures that give a sense of the fabric’s quality and weight. A white collar or cravat adds a sharp contrast to the darkness of her clothing.

Dona Teresa Sureda’s gaze is direct and engaging, suggesting a sense of intelligence and composure. Her brown hair is styled simply, with what appears to be a bun at the back, while her face is illuminated gently, bringing life to her expressive eyes and the subtle nuances of her skin tone.

Goya’s deft handling of paint is evident in the lifelike rendering of her hands: one resting on her thigh and the other on the armrest. The details of her fingers and the way light plays on her skin demonstrate Goya’s attention to anatomical accurateness and his ability to infuse vitality into his subjects. The artwork, through its composition and Goya’s adept manipulation of light and shadow, captures both the grace and the complexity of Dona Teresa’s character, providing a timeless testament to her persona.

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