Don’t Stop Dancing (2024) by Marie Manon Corbeil

Don’t Stop Dancing - Marie Manon Corbeil - 2024

Artwork Information

TitleDon’t Stop Dancing
ArtistMarie Manon Corbeil
MediumAcrylic, Collage on Canvas

About Don’t Stop Dancing

The artwork “Don’t Stop Dancing,” created by artist Marie Manon Corbeil in 2024, is an expressive piece rendered in acrylic and collage on canvas. It measures 38 by 58 inches and belongs to the abstract art genre within the abstract movement. The piece encapsulates a rich mix of figurative elements, color, and abstraction, celebrating a fluid dance of forms and hues.

The artwork features stylized figures that seem to represent women engaged in a festive occasion, perhaps a dance. The figures are portrayed with elongated forms and appear in a line, suggestive of motion and merriment. The artist employs a vivid and varied color palette, with bold blues, reds, and purples dominating the composition. Intriguing patterns and textures embellish the dresses of the figures, imparting a collage-like effect that adds depth and interest to the piece.

The background is an abstract blend of light and airy hues with sporadic spots and streaks that contribute to a sense of dynamism and rhythm, in keeping with the artwork’s title. The deliberately ambiguous facial features and the use of geometric and organic shapes infuse the piece with an abstract quality, inviting viewers to derive their own interpretations and emotional connections.

Overall, the painting communicates a sense of joy, unity, and an ongoing celebration to the viewer, with its abstract and figurative elements coalescing into a harmonious visual symphony.

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