Dover Plains, Dutchess County, New York (1848) by Asher Durand

Dover Plains, Dutchess County, New York - Asher Durand - 1848

Artwork Information

TitleDover Plains, Dutchess County, New York
ArtistAsher Durand
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions42 1/2 x 60 1/2 in (107.9 x 153.7 cm)
Current LocationNational Museum of American Art, Washington

About Dover Plains, Dutchess County, New York

Asher B. Durand’s “Dover Plains, Dutchess County, New York” is a breathtaking landscape painting that depicts a picturesque countryside view. Created in 1848 as part of the Hudson River School of artists, the painting reflects Durand’s passion for capturing the natural beauty of American landscapes. The artwork portrays berry pickers in a lush and serene environment with elevated mountains in the background.

Durand made sure to capture every detail accurately, showcasing his skill for realism art. He drew inspiration from Dover Plains, which was located at the end of the railroad line and offered an unspoiled countryside setting perfect for his artistic vision. The painting also highlights how hardworking people relied on nature’s resources to sustain their livelihoods.

In 1850, James Smillie even created an engraving based on Durand’s “Dover Plains,” proving its popularity among art enthusiasts at the time. Today, it remains a significant piece featured in major exhibitions such as Kindred Spirits alongside Durand’s famous artwork of the same name from 1849.

Overall, “Dover Plain”‘s serene display and vividness make it one of Asher B. Durand’s most recognized artworks representing nature while immortalizing an enduring tradition.

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