Draped Reclining Figure (1952-53) by Henry Moore

Draped Reclining Figure - Henry Moore - 1952-53

Artwork Information

TitleDraped Reclining Figure
ArtistHenry Moore
Dimensions102 x 152 cm
Current LocationMuseum Ludwig, Cologne

About Draped Reclining Figure

Draped Reclining Figure, created by Henry Moore in 1952-53, is a bronze sculpture standing at 157.5 cm tall. A recurring theme in Moore’s work, the sculpture was cast in an edition of four with the original plaster sculpture used to create a bronze cast for the Festival of Britain in 1951. Its creation was documented in a BBC documentary made by John Read that year.

The Henry Moore Foundation currently owns this iconic sculpture which has become one of his most recognisable works due to its unique representation of the reclining human figure draped over itself. The sculpture showcases intricate curves and smooth surfaces that perfectly capture the natural contours of a human body.

Today, casts of Draped Reclining Figure are on display at several museums and galleries such as Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, National Gallery of Art and Tate Modern. This magnificent piece demonstrates how Moore was able to create powerful artworks while keeping simplicity intact which ultimately placed him among one of the greatest modern artists ever.

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