Drawing Pain – Self Portrait (1967) by Abidin Dino

Drawing Pain - Self Portrait - Abidin Dino - 1967

Artwork Information

TitleDrawing Pain - Self Portrait
ArtistAbidin Dino
Art MovementExpressionism
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About Drawing Pain - Self Portrait

“Drawing Pain – Self Portrait” is an artwork created by Abidin Dino in 1967, which falls under the Expressionism art movement. This self-portrait genre piece is characterized by its expressive and emotional style, common to that movement.

The portrait features a figure, presumably the artist himself, rendered with a series of loose and fluid lines that capture an intense and somewhat disheveled appearance. The figure’s face is marked with what appears to be signs of distress or discomfort, in keeping with the title “Drawing Pain,” suggesting the portrayal of psychological depth or the artist’s inner turmoil. The background is a solid, warm-toned hue that provides a stark contrast to the swirling, chaotic lines used to outline the figure and features. The individual depicted holds a smoking object, which adds an additional element and suggests a reflective or pensive state. The overall effect is raw and emotive, showcasing the hallmark traits of Expressionist art, where emotion and personal expression take precedence over realism.

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