Dreierkonstellation by Eva Strautmann

Dreierkonstellation - Eva Strautmann -

Artwork Information

ArtistEva Strautmann
MediumOil on Paper Mache
Dimensions50 cm x 70 cm

About Dreierkonstellation

Eva Strautmann’s “Dreierkonstellation” is an eye-catching piece that is made with oil on papier-mâché. The 50 cm x 70 cm piece immediately captures the observer with its subtle crudity. The lines are hard and rough, contributing to the overall tension of the piece, and the almost palpable emotions are captured under a muted color palette where dark shades of red and burgundy mix with the roughness of the texture created by the paper-mâché enhancing the emotion present in this work.

The composition hints at three human yet non-human figures where the artist guides the viewer’s eye immediately to the left side of the canvas where the complexity and intensity of the feelings become almost tangible.

The subject matter of this painting focuses on the human form, capturing the complex nature of relationships and the raw emotions that accompany them, further complicated by the natural vulnerability of the human mind.

This artwork evokes certain deep emotions in the viewer, creating a tense and thought-provoking atmosphere around it and resonating with their feelings while capturing their minds as well.

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