Driving (1881) by Mary Cassatt

Driving - Mary Cassatt - 1881

Artwork Information

ArtistMary Cassatt
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions89.3 x 130.8 cm
Current LocationPhiladelphia Museum Of Art

About Driving

Mary Cassatt’s painting, A Woman and a Girl Driving, created in 1881, depicts two women in a horse carriage ride through the Bois de Boulogne. The painting showcases Cassatt’s unique ability to portray emotions in everyday moments. Cassatt was an American Impressionist living in France who was known for capturing domestic life and family scenes.

Born into an affluent family in Pennsylvania in 1844, Mary Cassatt studied at the prestigious Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. She became a trailblazing artist who blended Impressionism with themes inspired by Japanese artwork and the Old Masters of Europe. In A Woman and a Girl Driving, we see how her attention to detail and composition allow viewers to experience the open-air excursion alongside her subjects.

Cassatt was best known for her imagery drawn from women’s private sphere, particularly mothers and children’s relationship. Through her art, she aimed to showcase female independence while maintaining their roles as nurturers. Although she never had children herself, she believed that “a woman has no greater mission than to be a mother.” Her works inspire modern-day artists with their nuanced depictions of emotions between individuals that are relatable even after more than a century has passed since they were painted.

In summary, Mary Cassatt’s A Woman and a Girl Driving is an exceptional portrayal of everyday moments with its attention to detail and composition that showcases emotions felt during such events. Her keen focus on domestic life inspired modern-day artists through intricate renderings of gender dynamics between individuals which remain relevant centuries later.

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