Duchess of Alba, The White Duchess (1795) by Francisco Goya

Duchess of Alba, The White Duchess - Francisco Goya - 1795

Artwork Information

TitleDuchess of Alba, The White Duchess
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Dimensions192 x 128 cm
Art MovementRomanticism

About Duchess of Alba, The White Duchess

The artwork entitled “Duchess of Alba, The White Duchess” is a notable creation by the artist Francisco Goya, dating back to 1795. It is crafted using oil as the medium on canvas, exemplifying the artistic tenets of the Romanticism movement. The painting measures 192 cm in height and 128 cm in width and falls under the genre of portraiture. This depiction is highly acclaimed for its masterful representation of the Duchess and the distinct style reflective of Goya’s artistic prowess during that period.

In the artwork, the Duchess of Alba stands poised against a muted landscape backdrop. Her figure dominates the composition, as Goya’s skillful use of light and shade brings focus to her elegance and the richness of her attire. The Duchess is adorned in a white dress that drapes gently to the ground, accented by tasteful hints of red – a sash cinches her waist, while bows embellish her dress and hair. The creamy hues of the gown contrast with her dark hair, which cascades in voluminous curls, framing her face and emphasizing her dignified bearing.

Her jewelry, including armlets, bracelets, and a choker necklace, are rendered with detailed care, echoing her social stature. A small dog, loyal and attentive, stands at her feet, adding a personal touch that conveys a sense of her private life and character. The expression on the Duchess’s face is serene, with a trace of confident awareness of her status and the viewer’s gaze. The signature of the artist is conspicuously incorporated into the composition at the bottom of the canvas, further personalizing this remarkable and distinctive portrait.

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