Edna (1915) by Robert Henri

Edna - Robert Henri - 1915

Artwork Information

ArtistRobert Henri
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions32 x 26 in.
Current LocationLos Angeles County Museum Of Art

About Edna

Robert Henri’s “Edna” is an example of American Realism artwork created in 1915. The portrait is of Edna Smith, who was one of Henri’s favorite models during that time. Henri preferred a particular “type” of model with red hair and pale skin, which is evident in this painting. “Edna” measures 20 x 24 inches and was painted using oil on canvas.

In this portrait, Edna represents Henri’s use of Hardesty Maratta’s color system. This led to the use of brighter colors and bold brushstrokes which are clearly visible in the painting. Henri had a strong reputation for his portraits and figure studies, as can be seen from this artwork.

It should be noted that while the information provided gives insight into the physical attributes of the artwork itself, it does not provide context or analysis regarding its historical significance or artistic merit beyond its stylistic features. Nonetheless, “Edna” remains a relevant piece within American Realism as an example of the popular aesthetic during that period.

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