Edward, Prince Of Wales (1538-9) by Hans Holbein

Edward, Prince Of Wales - Hans Holbein - 1538-9

Artwork Information

TitleEdward, Prince Of Wales
ArtistHans Holbein
Dimensions57 x 44 cm
Current LocationNational Gallery Of Art, Washington

About Edward, Prince Of Wales

Hans Holbein, a painter at the court of Henry VIII, painted the portrait of Edward, Prince of Wales in 1538-9. Edward was the son of Henry VIII’s third wife, Jane Seymour, and was born in 1537. Holbein’s portraits served as propaganda to convey authority and wealth. His talent for combining physical presence with psychological reserve and elegance is evident in this portrait commissioned for a court setting.

The painting exemplifies Holbein’s mastery of detail as every nuance in Prince Edward’s clothing is visible with intricate embroidery work on his garments. From his stance to his facial expression, everything about the picture exudes nobility – capturing an image fitting for royalty. The portrait has a powerful effect on viewers even today as it continues to be displayed at New York’s Metropolitan Museum.

Additionally noteworthy about this oil-on-oak painting is its historical significance. It portrays one of England’s most legendary princes during his formative years before he rose to power in 1547 as King Edward VI after Henry VIII died two years earlier. Studying the painting can enlighten us about the customs that influenced members of royalty and how integral art played when making political decisions during that era.

Overall, Holbein’s exceptional use of tones against a black background makes Prince Edward stand out with royal grandeur like no other artwork could encapsulate him – it gave life to Prince Edward at a time when photography did not exist yet – making history through oil paints on oakwood almost five centuries ago!

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