El Jaleo (1880) by John Singer Sargent

El Jaleo - John Singer Sargent - 1882

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Artwork Information

TitleEl Jaleo
ArtistJohn Singer Sargent
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions232.4 x 355.6 cm
Art MovementRealism
Current LocationIsabella Stewart Gardner Museum (Fenway Court), Boston, MA, US

About El Jaleo

“El Jaleo” is an exquisite oil on canvas artwork by the renowned artist John Singer Sargent, dating back to 1882. This piece is a hallmark of the Realism art movement and is classified as a genre painting. The dimensions of the artwork are substantial, measuring 232.4 x 355.6 cm. It currently resides at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, also known as Fenway Court, in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

The artwork portrays an effervescent scene of a Spanish gypsy dance, famously known as flamenco. The central figure in the artwork is a dancer, captured mid-performance in a dynamic pose with her skirt dramatically swept to one side as she extends her arm with commanding presence. The sense of movement and rhythm is palpable, further enlivened by the dark, rich tones and bold brushstrokes. To her right, a group of musicians and onlookers adds to the intense atmosphere of the scene, their faces partially concealed by shadow, which only heightens the sense of depth and focus on the dancer. The background is muted and indistinct, allowing the viewer’s attention to remain riveted on the figures and the emotional intensity of the dance. The dancer’s attire and the musicians’ instruments, especially the prominently displayed guitars on the wall, suggest the cultural setting and enrich the narrative of the painting. Overall, the artwork is a testament to Sargent’s skill in capturing the essence of a vibrant cultural moment with technical mastery and emotional depth.

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