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TitleEleusis, Telesterion
ArtistGreek Art
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About Eleusis, Telesterion

The Telesterion, a rectangular hall located in the Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore at Eleusis, Greece, was constructed around 435-421 BCE as an initiation hall and temple for the Eleusinian Mysteries. During the festival, initiates would enter the Telesterion to witness sacred relics and hear visions from priestesses. The site became a major Athenian religious festival when it was annexed by Athens in the 7th century BCE.

The ancient Greek artwork found within this sacred space is truly remarkable. Unfortunately, much of what was housed within the Telesterion has since been lost or destroyed over time. However, archaeologists have discovered intricate frescoes within its walls which depict scenes from various stages of initiation into the mysteries. The frescoes include depictions of snake goddesses and various flora reminiscent of nature’s cycles.

Visitors can see artifacts dating back centuries in Athens’ Eleusis Archaeological Museum which sits adjacent to the site today. Among these pieces are sculptures of Demeter and Kore themselves alongside many other historical artifacts relevant to ancient Greek life. Interestingly enough, visitors who explore this exhibition space designed with inspiration from Telesterion’s interior may feel like they’re receiving their own initiation into some truth revealed only through art – just like those ancient Greeks all those years ago.

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