Elijah Restoring the Widow’s Son (c. 1864) by Ford Madox Brown

Elijah Restoring the Widow's Son - Ford Madox Brown - 1868

Artwork Information

TitleElijah Restoring the Widow's Son
ArtistFord Madox Brown
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions37 x 24 1/8 in
Art MovementRomanticism
Current LocationVictoria and Albert Museum, London
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About Elijah Restoring the Widow's Son

Ford Madox Brown’s painting, commissioned for the Dalziel brothers’ Bible Gallery and published in 1868, depicts a scene from the first Book of Kings. The artwork portrays the biblical story of Elijah restoring the widow’s son to life. It is painted in a Romanticism style using oil paint, and its original size is unknown.

The painting shows the widow and her dead son lying on a bed while Elijah kneels beside them in prayer. His eyes are closed, indicating his deep concentration as he tries to bring back the boy to life. The colors used are muted and dark foregrounds with an intense light beam shining through the window behind Elijah’s head representing hope for revival.

Located at Birmingham Museums Trust, this masterpiece portrays an emotional and dramatic moment that evokes intense feelings in anyone who views it. Its religious theme can be seen as a reminder of humanity’s mortality and our dependence on divine intervention in times of need.

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