Elijah’s Sacrifice (1863) by Albert Joseph Moore

Elijah's Sacrifice - Albert Joseph Moore - 1863

Artwork Information

TitleElijah's Sacrifice
ArtistAlbert Joseph Moore
Art MovementAcademicism
Current LocationBury Art Museum, Bury, UK
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About Elijah's Sacrifice

The artwork titled “Elijah’s Sacrifice” was painted by Albert Joseph Moore in 1863 in the United Kingdom. It belongs to the academicism movement and is categorized as a religious painting. The painting is currently housed at the Bury Art Museum in Bury, UK.

This painting depicts a biblical scene involving the prophet Elijah as described in the Old Testament. The scene shows a group of figures gathered around what appears to be a sacrificial altar with a bull placed upon it and flames engulfing the offering. To the left, a figure presumed to be Elijah is portrayed with his arm stretched outwards as if invoking the divine. Other individuals are seen in various poses, some looking on earnestly and others in a state of prostration, appearing to be in prayer or in awe of the event unfolding before them. The painting’s composition, use of color, and representation of the figures reflect the aesthetic principles of academicism, emphasizing a polished technique and often classical themes. The setting includes a hilly backdrop, suggesting an open, outdoor space where this moment of religious significance is taking place.

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