Elle arrive en ville (2023) by Alain Rolland

Elle arrive en ville - Alain Rolland - 2023

Artwork Information

TitleElle arrive en ville
ArtistAlain Rolland
MediumOil on Canvas
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About Elle arrive en ville

The artwork titled “Elle arrive en ville” by Alain Rolland, created in 2023, is a genre painting that utilizes oil on canvas as its medium. With dimensions of 31.9×45.7 inches, Rolland’s work resides within the figurative art genre and reflects aesthetic considerations of the figurative art movement.

The painting portrays a young girl from behind as she gazes into the distance. She stands at what appears to be the edge of an urban landscape, given the silhouettes of buildings against the horizon. The palette consists of warm hues, especially in the sky where the sun is setting (or rising), imbuing the scene with a sense of tranquility. The girl bears a thoughtful or anticipative expression, suggested by her posture and the way she holds onto her backpack tightly. Hints of pink in her hair accessories and the backpack pop against the soft whites and blues of her attire and the warm background, drawing attention to the central figure. There is a certain softness to the brushwork, creating a dreamlike or nostalgic quality to the artwork.

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