Ellen Andree (c.1879) by Edgar Degas

Ellen Andree - Edgar Degas - c.1879

Artwork Information

TitleEllen Andree
ArtistEdgar Degas
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Ellen Andree

The artwork “Ellen Andree” was executed by the renowned artist Edgar Degas around 1879, using pastel as the medium. Exemplifying the Impressionism movement, this piece is categorized as a sketch and study, showcasing Degas’s talent for capturing fleeting moments and the essence of his subjects. Currently, the artwork is held in a private collection.

Upon observing the artwork, one notices the portrayal of a woman standing in profile. The pastel medium allows for the soft blending of colors and the creation of texture, which Degas adeptly employs to render the form and garments of the subject. The woman is dressed in a long coat that appears to envelop her figure, and her attire suggests a fashion common in the late 19th century. Her posture and the way she holds her head high, combined with the seeming movement suggested in the details of her coat, imply a moment captured in passing.

A characteristic trait of Degas’ work is his ability to capture the subtleties of light and shadow, which is evident in the delicate rendering of the woman’s clothing and features. Despite the economy of detail, the artwork conveys a sense of depth and the personality of the subject, illustrating Degas’ skill in conveying more with less. The choice of colors is restrained, yet effective, further emphasizing the impressionistic nature of the study.

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