Embrace (Lovers II) (1917) by Egon Schiele

Embrace (Lovers II) - Egon Schiele - 1917

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TitleEmbrace (Lovers II)
ArtistEgon Schiele
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions98 x 169 cm
Art MovementExpressionism
Current LocationBelvedere, Vienna, Austria
Location Created Vienna, Austria

About Embrace (Lovers II)

Egon Schiele’s Embrace (Lovers II) painting from 1917 is a mature work, featuring two lovers in a tender embrace. The painting deviates from Schiele’s previous depictions of emaciated nudes. The woman’s somewhat open legs clearly reveal her sex, yet the image cannot be termed pornographic.

The artwork offers a glimpse into the relationship between men and women in the early 20th century and serves as a forerunner of modern sexual identity. The painting is part of a series of self-portraits that portray Egon as both husband and father, as well as lover. Schiele created this Expressionist oil on canvas using oils, with the final Embrace measuring 100 x 170 cm (39.4 x 66.9 in).

Today, art enthusiasts can purchase copies of Embrace (Lovers II) for display at home or office spaces all over the world. As an essential piece for any collection focused on sexuality and modern identity, it has captured people’s interest since its creation in 1917. This timeless artwork remains relevant today because of how it portrays intimacy between two people showing genuine love without shame or condemnation.

Overall, Egon Schiele’s masterpiece depicts an embrace that breaks away from societal norms by depicting physical affection between men and women without reservation while maintaining decency despite revealing partial nudity. It remains memorable and relevant to this day due to how expertly he portrayed human emotions inspired by real-life experiences rather than mere imagination-generated fiction pieces — making it an invaluable addition to any art collector’s portfolio.

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