Emigrants Crossing the Plains (1867) by Albert Bierstadt

Emigrants Crossing the Plains - Albert Bierstadt - 1867

Artwork Information

TitleEmigrants Crossing the Plains
ArtistAlbert Bierstadt
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions67 x 102 in. (170.2 x 259.1 cm)
Art MovementRomanticism
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About Emigrants Crossing the Plains

Emigrants Crossing The Plains is a painting by Albert Bierstadt that dates back to 1867. It portrays emigrants crossing the plains in front of the Rocky Mountains, which are illuminated by a vibrant sunset. Bierstadt’s panoramic style and the tradition of oversized paintings are evident in this artwork. The painting is executed in a naturalistic style, featuring a high level of detail, which added to its immediate appeal.

The painting is one of the most popular pieces in the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. Bierstadt’s appreciation for the natural surroundings of the plains is evident in the piece, particularly his admiration of the Rocky Mountains. He believed that the mountains were as beautiful as the Alps, and this is reflected in the way that he painted them. Bierstadt’s interest in the natural world did not end with the Rocky Mountains: he was also interested in other geological features, including the Yosemite Valley and Niagara Falls.

Overall, Emigrants Crossing The Plains is an impressive artwork that perfectly captures the beauty of the American West. Its naturalistic style and detailed execution make it a popular painting among art enthusiasts, and its rich history adds to its value. The painting serves as a reminder of the importance of the western migration and of the beauty that can be found in America’s natural landscape.

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