Entombment of Christ (1523 – 1526) by Titian

Entombment of Christ - Titian - 1523 - 1526

Artwork Information

TitleEntombment of Christ
Date1523 - 1526
Dimensions148 x 205 cm
Art MovementHigh Renaissance
Current LocationLouvre, Paris, France

About Entombment of Christ

The artwork titled “Entombment of Christ” was crafted by the renowned artist Titian between 1523 and 1526. This oil on canvas painting stands as a significant representation of the High Renaissance art movement. Measuring 148 cm by 205 cm, the piece is a religious painting that depicts a pivotal moment in Christian narrative. The artwork is housed in the prestigious Louvre Museum in Paris, France.

In “Entombment of Christ,” the subject matter emulates the biblical scene of Jesus Christ’s body being placed in the tomb following his crucifixion. The composition is anchored by the striking, almost sculptural figure of Christ in the foreground, surrounded by mournful followers. Each figure is rendered with an intense emotional expression, indicative of Renaissance humanism’s deep investment in the exploration of human emotion and physical form. The use of chiaroscuro, a technique that employs strong contrasts between light and dark, creates dramatic tension and enhances the three-dimensional effect of the figures.

Titian’s deft handling of color is also notable, especially in the exquisite rendering of fabrics, ranging from the muted tones of the mourners’ attire to the vibrant red of the cloak draped over one figure, which provides a visual anchor and symbolizes the blood and passion of Christ. These elements combined make the artwork not only an emblem of its time but also an enduring masterpiece that communicates the profound spiritual and emotional weight of its subject.

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