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Epidaurus, Interior Corridors In Foundation Of Tholos  - Greek Art -

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TitleEpidaurus, Interior Corridors In Foundation Of Tholos
ArtistGreek Art

About Epidaurus, Interior Corridors In Foundation Of Tholos

The Tholos at Epidaurus is a circular structure built by Polykleitos the Younger, showcasing impressive Doric architecture and exquisite carvings. The building took 30 years to construct, from 365 to 335 BCE, with an exterior colonnade of 26 Doric columns and an interior of 14 Corinthian ones. Beneath the floor lies a constructed labyrinth formed by a series of concentric walls with doors and partitions. The foundations are known for their subterranean corridors that create the labyrinth.

The interior corridors in the foundation of Tholos is a unique feature that makes it stand out among Greek Art structures. This innovative design showcases Polykleitos’ mastery as an architect in creating something out-of-the-box yet functional. Remarkably, these intricate corridors were constructed within the structure’s foundations, displaying stunning craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Epidaurus was significant during ancient Greek and Roman times due to its essential religious sites such as Asclepieion – a noted sanctuary dedicated to Asclepius – temples, stadium, gymnasiums, baths, hospital, and tholos. In addition to its functional purpose as a religious center dedicated to healing deities like Asclepius or Apollo, Epidaurus had equally important cultural influence in Ancient Greece due to notable masterpieces showcased through art; they depict aspects of daily life or mythology that have influenced all later civilizations till now.

Overall ,the magnificent Tholos at Epidaurus with its remarkable foundation corridors represent one of the best examples among ancient Greek architectural marvels in history making it an interesting subject for historians and art enthusiasts today.

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