ESSI (2020) by Françoise Augustine

ESSI - Françoise Augustine - 2020

Artwork Information

ArtistFrançoise Augustine
MediumAcrylic, Lacquer on Canvas

About ESSI

The artwork titled “ESSI” was created by Françoise Augustine in the year 2020. This portrait, rendered in acrylic and lacquer on canvas, measures 25.6 by 19.7 inches and is an embodiment of figurative art, a realm within the art movement characterized by the representational depiction of human figures.

Observing the artwork, one would notice the solemn portrayal of a figure that dominates the canvas space. The subtle hues used in the composition emphasize the contemplative nature of the subject. The background, which appears in gradients of darkness and light, contrasts with the figure’s expression, suggesting depth and complexity in the depicted individual. Every brushstroke contributes to an emotional tone that demands engagement from viewers, eliciting an introspective experience as they consider the portrait before them.

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