Eucalyptus, Mont Alban (1918) by Henri Matisse

Eucalyptus, Mont Alban - Henri Matisse - 1918

Artwork Information

TitleEucalyptus, Mont Alban
ArtistHenri Matisse

About Eucalyptus, Mont Alban

“Eucalyptus, Mont Alban” is an artwork by Henri Matisse, created in the year 1918, belonging to the landscape genre. This piece showcases Matisse’s characteristic style during the period which includes a vivid interplay of colors and bold brushwork.

The artwork captures a scene dominated by the verdant eucalyptus trees, which tower into the sky with their rounded canopies. Their dense foliage is represented through quick, expressive brushstrokes in varying shades of green, contrasted against a lighter sky. Amidst the greenery, peeks a warm-hued building that adds a human element to the natural landscape. The juxtaposition of the built structure with the organic forms of the trees creates a harmonious blend that is typical of Matisse’s landscapes. The foreground features bursts of floral colors, suggesting an untamed garden or wildflowers. The use of color throughout the artwork is both liberal and deliberate, defining the form and infusing the scene with a sense of life and vibrancy. It is through these techniques that Matisse communicates the essence of the landscape, rather than a meticulous botanical accuracy.

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