Everyone’s emotional clock is not same (2021) by Young Park

Everyone’s emotional clock is not same - Young Park - 2021

Artwork Information

TitleEveryone’s emotional clock is not same
ArtistYoung Park
MediumOil on Canvas

About Everyone’s emotional clock is not same

The artwork titled “Everyone’s emotional clock is not same” is a creation by the artist Young Park, completed in the year 2021. This painting is executed in oil on canvas, featuring dimensions of 22×19.3 inches. Belonging to the urban genre and characterized by its adherence to the minimalism art movement, this piece exemplifies a simplified approach to form and color, characteristic of the minimalist aesthetic.

The artwork presents a stylized profile of a human figure. The composition is marked by bold, blocky regions of color with clearly defined edges that segment the figure into different colored shapes, some bearing solid hues and others containing a gradient transition. The colors are not traditionally naturalistic but instead provide a vivid, almost illustrative quality to the depiction. The background is muted, serving as a soft contrast that allows the more saturated colors of the figure to stand out. The oil paint application appears smooth, and the shapes are arranged in such a way that they suggest both flatness and a subtle sense of depth. The solitary figure and the abstracted, geometric treatment of form evoke an introspective mood, aligning with the title’s reference to emotional variance. Overall, the artwork conveys its theme through a minimalistic lens, relying on color and shape to express the complexities of human emotions and their subjective experience of time.

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