Evian by Jasper Johns

Evian - Jasper Johns -

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ArtistJasper Johns

About Evian

The artwork titled “Evian” by Jasper Johns represents a piece within the abstract genre. As an abstract work, it does not straightforwardly depict objects from the physical world; rather, it engages with shapes, colors, textures, and symbols that may provoke thought or evoke emotional response without providing a clear narrative.

The artwork is composed of a variety of elements that appear disconnected and the use of muted colors as well as stark contrasts. Dominating the upper portion is a circular shape with what seems to be radial patterning, resembling a fan or parasol. Below, there appears a collection of haphazardly placed objects including what seems to be a coat hanger, against a background that suggests a discolored, textured wall or surface. Additionally, there are blocks of colors in the lower section of the artwork, introducing an element of geometric abstraction. Patches and drips of paint interrupt the space, and there are enigmatic glyphs and marks canvassed across this varied composition, contributing to a sense of intrigue and openness to interpretation that is characteristic of abstract art.

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