Evolution (1910 – 1911) by Piet Mondrian

Evolution - Piet Mondrian - 1910 - 1911

Artwork Information

ArtistPiet Mondrian
Date1910 - 1911
Dimensions178 x 85 cm
Art MovementFauvism
Current LocationGemeentemuseum den Haag, Hague, Netherlands

About Evolution

The artwork titled “Evolution” was created by artist Piet Mondrian between 1910 and 1911. It is an oil on canvas piece, measuring 178 by 85 centimeters, and falls within the genre of nude painting (nu). The piece is associated with the Fauvism art movement and is currently housed at the Gemeentemuseum den Haag in The Hague, Netherlands.

“Evolution” features three panels with a nude female figure portrayed frontally in each of them. The figures are depicted with elongated forms that exhibit a meditative pose, eyes closed, as if in a transcendent state. The artwork exhibits a limited color palette with predominant shades of blue, which imbues the figures with an ethereal quality. Red and orange tones highlight the background of the central figure and adorn the shoulders of the figures on the left and right panels. With a symmetrical composition and abstracted forms, the artwork may reflect Mondrian’s journey towards the simplification of form and use of color, stepping stones towards his later, more abstract work. The depiction of the figures and the use of geometric shapes also signal an exploration of spirituality, a theme that Mondrian would continue to explore throughout his career.

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