Explosion lyrique no. C (1918) by Alberto Magnelli

Explosion lyrique no. C - Alberto Magnelli - 1918

Artwork Information

TitleExplosion lyrique no. C
ArtistAlberto Magnelli
Art MovementCubism,Expressionism

About Explosion lyrique no. C

“Explosion lyrique no. C” is an artwork by Alberto Magnelli, created in 1918. This piece is representative of the Cubism and Expressionism movements and falls within the genre painting category. As the artwork was crafted during a period marked by innovative exploration of form and emotion, it captures the essence of early 20th-century avant-garde art.

The artwork exhibits a vivid interplay of color and form, with dynamic strokes, suggesting a sense of movement and emotive intensity. The composition appears to depict a figure rendered with a degree of abstraction, harmoniously integrated within a lively and somewhat fragmented background. Shapes are simplified and colors are bold, typical of the Expressionist approach, where emotional expression is prioritized over realistic representation. The Cubist influence is also visible in the way the subject and surroundings are broken down into geometric forms, allowing multiple perspectives to be depicted simultaneously.

While the figure retains some identifiable human characteristics, it is stylistically distorted, reflecting the era’s fascination with redefining the conventions of portrayal. The colors employed range from cool to warm, creating a vibrant contrast that further enhances the energetic and almost musical quality of the painting. It is an artwork that captures the viewer’s attention, igniting the imagination and provoking emotional response through its expressive technique.

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