Expulsion From The Garden Of Eden (c. 1424-28) by Masaccio

Expulsion From The Garden Of Eden - Masaccio - c. 1424-28

Artwork Information

TitleExpulsion From The Garden Of Eden
Datec. 1424-28

About Expulsion From The Garden Of Eden

Masaccio’s fresco painting of the Expulsion from the Garden of Eden demonstrates his remarkable understanding of color, perspective, and form. Completed around 1425, it is one of the most evocative religious paintings illustrating the event from the Book of Genesis chapter 3. The fresco shows a distraught Adam and Eve being cast out from their home in Eden by a threatening angel, weighed down by shame and guilt.

The gestures depicted in this artwork reveal traditional gender stereotypes, with Adam covering his face in despair while Eve cowers at his feet, suggesting that women hold a subservient role to men. Scholars recognize Masaccio as one of the first founding artists from his time period due to his mastery of realism that involves complex pictorial organization combined with vivid emotional expression. In particular, he uses light to create powerful dramatic effects in this piece; shadows evoke a sense of depth while impressive design mastery emphasizes shapes and forms.

The Expulsion From The Garden Of Eden remains an incredible example of early Renaissance art. Today it preserves an archival representation within modern times through international museum exhibitions hosted worldwide displaying Masaccio’s masterpiece to artistic enthusiasts all over the world.

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