Eye (1946) by Maurits Cornelis Escher

Eye - Maurits Cornelis Escher - 1946

Artwork Information

ArtistMaurits Cornelis Escher
Dimensions31.9 x 31.7 cm (12 1/2 x 12 1/2 in.)
Art MovementSurrealism
Current LocationCordon Art-Baarn, the Netherlands
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About Eye

Eye is a mezzotint print created by Maurits Cornelis Escher in 1946. The artwork showcases Escher’s experimentation with the mezzotint technique, which allows for the creation of subtle shades of light and dark. Eye belongs to the technique referred to as globular reflection, inspired by a reflection in a concave shaving glass.

Escher is a renowned artist who contributed to the development of Surrealism and Expressionism, and is best known for his pioneering work in Cubism and fracturing the two-dimensional picture plane. Eye features Les impressive figures than Escher’s earlier portraits, and is part of the Rosenwald Collection.

Escher produced over 650 copies of his most popular print, which depicts a flock of birds flying in opposite directions over a mirrored rural landscape. Eye, on the other hand, is a unique artwork whose light and shadow play, perspective and form, invite viewers to contemplate the mysteries of the human eye as a window to the soul. The artwork continues to inspire artists and art lovers, as it showcases Escher’s mastery of technique and his interest in optical illusion and perception.

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