Face (Casts from Untitled series) (1974) by Jasper Johns

Face (Casts from Untitled series) - Jasper Johns - 1974

Artwork Information

TitleFace (Casts from Untitled series)
ArtistJasper Johns
Art MovementNeo-Dada

About Face (Casts from Untitled series)

The artwork “Face (Casts from Untitled series)” is a creation of Jasper Johns, dating back to 1974. This piece is situated within the Neo-Dada art movement and is categorized as abstract. It exemplifies the era’s characteristic embrace of non-traditional media and forms, often engaging with concepts of identity and objecthood in ways that challenge conventional artistic norms.

Upon examination of the artwork, one observes a stark red field which dominates the central region of the composition. Inside this bold color block, the outline of a profile, which might be interpreted as a face, is drawn in white lines. This profile is presented in such a minimalist fashion that it straddles the line between representation and abstraction. The red square bears horizontal lines suggesting layers or strata, which could be emblematic of time, experience, or various facets of identity.

These lines also contribute to a sense of depth and dimension within the otherwise flat plane of the artwork. Interestingly, there appears to be text reversed out near the bottom of the red square, as well as what might be interpreted as a signature in the white space below the square, reminding viewers of the personal connection between the artist and his work. The way the elements are arranged serves to invite contemplation on the construction of images and the relationship between signifier and signified.

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