FACES 060224 (2024) by Rebecca Wing Sze Lam

FACES 060224 - Rebecca Wing Sze Lam - 2024

Artwork Information

TitleFACES 060224
ArtistRebecca Wing Sze Lam
MediumAcrylic, Oil Pastel on Canvas
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About FACES 060224

The artwork titled “FACES 060224” was created by artist Rebecca Wing Sze Lam in the year 2024. This piece is a semi-abstract portrait that incorporates acrylic and oil pastel on canvas, and it measures 29.5 by 29.5 inches. The genre of the portrait is reflected in the way it represents human figures, and it belongs to the semi-abstract art movement, which suggests that the figures are not rendered in a completely realistic manner but retain some recognizable elements.

The artwork exemplifies a semi-abstract approach to portraiture, presenting a multitude of faces with varying degrees of abstraction. The faces are delineated with loose, expressive lines that suggest their features rather than define them precisely. This artistic choice allows viewers to perceive the essence of human expressions while leaving room for interpretation.

The use of acrylic and oil pastel grants the piece a rich textural quality, with visible strokes and layers that add depth to the composition. The pastel hues blend with occasional bursts of more saturated color, particularly noticeable in the areas representing the cheeks of some figures, which seem to be gently flushed, imparting a sense of life and warmth to the otherwise muted palette.

The faces appear interconnected, as if each one is part of a larger, collective narrative, suggesting themes of human connection and interaction. Despite the abstract nature of the artwork, there is an intimacy conveyed through the positioning of the figures and their gentle, unfinished features. Overall, “FACES 060224” is a contemplative piece that invites viewers to consider the individual and collective aspects of humanity through the lens of semi-abstract art.

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