Fanatics of Tangier (1837-38) by Eugene Delacroix

Fanatics of Tangier - Eugene Delacroix - 1837 - 1838

Artwork Information

TitleFanatics of Tangier
ArtistEugene Delacroix
Date1837 - 1838
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions97.8 x 131.3 cm
Art MovementOrientalism
Current LocationThe Minneapolis Institute of Arts
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About Fanatics of Tangier

Eugene Delacroix’s painting, “The Fanatics of Tangier,” is a prime example of the Romantic style that dominated early 19th-century art. The piece was inspired by Delacroix’s visit to Morocco in 1832, where he witnessed the frenzied rituals of the A├»ssaouas sect. The painting depicts members of the Isawiyya brotherhood convulsing and writhing in a trance-like state.

Delacroix used expressive brushstrokes and bold colors to convey the intensity and emotion of this scene. His composition is similar to another painting of his called “The Sultan of Morocco,” which also draws from North African culture for inspiration.

“The Fanatics of Tangier” is currently held by the Minneapolis Institute of Art and remains one of Delacroix’s most famous works. Its influence on later artists cannot be overstated, as his expressive brushwork would go on to profoundly shape the work of Impressionists.

In summary, “The Fanatics of Tangier” is a powerful example of Romanticism that captures both the beauty and intensity found within North African culture during Delacroix’s visit. Its use foreshadows bold artistic movements that came after it while still standing out uniquely as its own iconic piece.

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