Farewell (1914) by August Macke

Farewell - August Macke - 1914

Artwork Information

ArtistAugust Macke
Dimensions101 x 130.5 cm
Art MovementOrphism
Current LocationMuseum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany
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About Farewell

August Macke was a key member of the German expressionist group Der blaue reiter or The Blue Rider, who lived during an especially innovative time for German art. Utilizing ideas from fauvism, cubism, futurism, and orphism, Macke combined them all into his unique style which flourished in the Germany expressionist movement and espoused the successive avant-garde movements. One of his most famous works is Farewell (1914), a painting that expresses the power of feeling through its simple yet vibrant colors.

The artistic movement known as Expressionism gave way to many contemporaries of August Macke; one such example is Husband and Wife by Lorenzo Lotto (c.1543). This work goes beyond traditional portraiture to express spiritual values; rather than capturing an exact likeness, Lotto focuses on telling a story with paint. His rendition of emotionality and subjectivity makes it an astounding work of art that stands out amongst others in its technique and composition.

Both August Macke’s Farewell and Lorenzo Lotto’s Husband And Wife represent the exceptional talent of two renaissance era masters. Expressionist techniques merge with traditional to bring about works that are both sublimely beautiful and timelessly captivating. Understanding their influence on subsequent art can help anyone appreciate a greater range of perspectives in artwork description and analysis.

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