Farm Channel (1996) by Wayne Thiebaud

Farm Channel - Wayne Thiebaud - 1996

Artwork Information

TitleFarm Channel
ArtistWayne Thiebaud
MediumOil on Wood
Dimensions25.4 x 35.6 cm
Art MovementExpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection
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About Farm Channel

Farm Channel is a piece of artwork created by Wayne Thiebaud in 1996, utilizing the medium oil on wood. This painting was collected at the McKee Gallery in New York in 1998 and it set up an iconic figure in the art world. The painting gives the audience a nostalgic look into childhood by connecting it to the television show Porky Pig. The warm tones of yellows, blues, and oranges covering the screen provide an inviting visual atmosphere that strikes interest from its viewers.

The vibrancy of colors along with Thiebaud’s signature texture make this painting stand out as an outstanding work of art. It shows vibrant emotion through its composition and immerses viewers into another time and place. Although it is mainly a scene from the cartoon show, it personalizes Thiebaud’s memory from his childhood, which can be seen in many other pieces of his work such as Bakery Counter (1962).

Farm Channel (1996) is an enjoyable workplace of Wayne Thiebaud that utilizes his signature layering technique and bold color choice to brilliantly capture audiences’ attention. His recollection of days past serves to stir nostalgia among audiences while nearby Bakery Counter (1962) reveals similar use of bold hues and texture combined with his recollection of real life experiences to create wonderment and appreciation for each respective piece.

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