Feast of Herod (c. 1425) by Donatello

Feast of Herod - Donatello - c. 1425

Artwork Information

TitleFeast of Herod
Datec. 1425
MediumBronze with gilding
Dimensions60 x 60 cm

About Feast of Herod

Donatello’s “The Feast of Herod” is a renowned bronze relief sculpture from the Italian Renaissance period. Commissioned for the baptismal font at Siena Cathedral in Italy, this relief stands out for its use of perspective and realism. It measures 60 by 60 centimeters and depicts Salome holding the severed head of John the Baptist after asking Herod Antipas to present it to her on a platter.

Donatello’s mastery of perspective in sculpture is evident in “The Feast of Herod.” His friend, the architect Brunelleschi, had developed one point linear perspective that he applied to drawing. Donatello took this concept further and applied it to sculpture, resulting in a work that appears almost like painting in bronze.

As one of Donatello’s earliest relief sculptures and his first bronze relief, “The Feast of Herod” is an important piece that paved the way for his future works. Today it remains on display at the baptistry of Siena Cathedral where visitors can admire Donatello‚Äôs technique while getting absorbed into history.

Overall, Donatello’s “The Feast of Herod” continues to draw admiration from art lovers worldwide due to its stunning depiction of this dramatic scene from history combined with unmatched skillful techniques in sculpture.

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