Feet (1974) by Jasper Johns

Feet - Jasper Johns - 1974

Artwork Information

ArtistJasper Johns
Art MovementNeo-Dada

About Feet

The artwork titled “Feet” is an abstract piece created by Jasper Johns in 1974. This piece is associated with the Neo-Dada art movement, which was known for its embrace of absurdity, chance encounters, and irreverence towards traditional aesthetic standards.

The artwork presents a monochromatic yellow field that invites contemplation. The central focus of the composition is the outlined representation of feet, which may suggest movement or repose, depending on the viewer’s interpretation. Above this outlined form, there appears to be a numerical figure, seemingly random and disconnected from the subject of the feet themselves, which is characteristic of Johns’ work where he includes text or numerals. Below the feet, the word “FEET” is visible, anchoring the representation to its title with direct literalness.

The etching of the feet is delicately executed, creating a contrast between the bold yellow background and the gentle lines of the contour. The background’s saturated hue envelops the artwork, spilling slightly beyond the central square, defying strict geometric confinement and adding a dynamic, irregular edge. This effect introduces a tactile quality to the piece, as if the yellow pigment were a physical substance spread across a surface.

“Feet” by Jasper Johns exemplifies the artist’s interest in themes of perception and the nature of art itself within the Neo-Dada movement. His use of abstraction encourages viewers to consider the ordinary in new and thought-provoking ways.

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