Femme a la blouse jaune (1916) by Alberto Magnelli

Femme a la blouse jaune - Alberto Magnelli - 1916

Artwork Information

TitleFemme a la blouse jaune
ArtistAlberto Magnelli
Art MovementAbstract Art,Cubism

About Femme a la blouse jaune

“Femme a la blouse jaune” is an artwork by Alberto Magnelli, created in 1916. It represents the abstract art and cubism movements and is categorized as a portrait. The painting exemplifies the cubist style through its use of geometric shapes and fragmentation of forms to depict the subject.

The artwork is characterized by a rich interplay of colors and shapes. The figure in the artwork appears to be a stylized female form, with the yellow blouse suggested in the title rendered in a vibrant, golden hue that stands out against the other elements of the composition. The background and other aspects of the painting are composed of various geometric shapes and blocks of color that include greens, blues, and reds, as well as shades of black and gray. These shapes create a sort of mosaic that is typical of cubist works, where perspective is decentralized and the subject is portrayed from multiple viewpoints simultaneously. The sense of depth is flattened, yet the arrangement of colors and forms suggests a sense of dimensionality. This artwork is a clear representation of the artistic exploration during its time, breaking from traditional portraiture to present a more abstract and conceptual interpretation of the subject.

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